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Game server

Professional 1000fps Counter Strike 1.6 game servers

Do as SK Gaming do play on an Excellent Server.

Excellent Servers Counter Strike 1.6 servers have been configured and tested together with the legendary SK Gaming CS team. The CS 1.6 servers are running with maxed out rates and settings running at true 1000fps using ticrate 10000.
It has never been easier to rent a CS server.

12 slot professional game server €9.9(99 credits)/month

When you buy 3 months for €29.7(297 credits).

Counter Strike 1.6 server features:

  • Fast setup. Everything is automatic.
  • The server is always online.
  • One click installation of mods such as AMXX.(Public servers only)
  • Optimized and stripped Linux kernels.
  • Smooth, fast, and superb hit registration game servers.
  • Unlimited disk space for custom maps, configs, sounds.
  • Unlimited addons/plugins (Meta, Mani, Amxx , SourceMod etc..).
  • Efficient and helpful customer service via Live support, IRC, phone or E-mail.
  • All game servers are hosted on high spec Dell hardware using Intel processors.


Why Choose Excellent Servers?
Our network with the ability to change location is regarded as one of the best in northern Europe for low latency gaming. We fully own and control our own hardware to provide the best possible performance and quality for our customers.
  • Move freely between our data centers.
  • Change game as you want and when you want.
  • Premium low latency networks hosted on different backbones.
  • High Specification Servers.
  • Experienced and reliable customer support.
  • Its simply the best value you can get for your money.
What is Counter strike 1.6?
Counter-Strike is a team-based, first-person shooter in which players join either the terrorist or counter-terrorist team, and combat the opposing team while fulfilling predetermined objectives. You can ally with teammates to complete strategic missions, take out enemy sites and rescue hostages. Your role affects your team's success. Your team's success affects your role. 

Order game server

Removing the password on a private server is not allowed.
No plugins or mods can be installed on a private server.
 Counter-Strike 1.6
You can move your server after you have booked it. 
VAC Yes        No  
This means you do not need to have "e-s.se |" in the server hostname. 
User id(not name) on the person who recruited you.
He gets 10% of the credits you use. 
Gift card
Enter the code from the gift card.
Debranding does not work with gift cards.  
Total 349 credits